Sunday, 17 November 2013

What to buy when shopping onliine

Want to know some of the best products to buy online?
Check out my list below:

 1) Electronic- these are very popular online purchases because they are sold for cheaper online than in the stores. Among electronic items are:

 Recommended websites to purchase these items include:

 Amazon- For in-depth comparison shopping and buying ease, Amazon is another Consumer Reports favorite. Amazon offers one of the largest databases of user reviews for electronics products -- and cleverly organizes the feedback, says CR. For example, there are 160 reviews of the latest 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro, ranked by "helpfulness" by Amazon shoppers.

 Costco-The warehouse club scored poorly for "selection," but's 90-day flexible return policy outweighed the negatives, earning it a spot on CR's list of best electronics Web sites. Overall score:

93. Newegg-If you're shopping exclusively for the lowest-price electronics, Newegg may be your best bet. While it ranked fifth out of all online stores surveyed, it received the best score in the pricing category. Overall score: 93.

 Ebay-very popular and safe to do your online shopping, you can get almost all electronic items here. However some people shy away from ebay because of the bidding option they have, meanwhile some persons are drawn to ebay because of such.

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 2) Clothing apparel and accessories- buying clothes online is a popular trend many clothing stores open an online store to sell their items online. Many individuals indulge in this activity and its very safe especially if you purchase from a reputable store.
 Recommended Stores Include: 
Forever 21
Charlotte Rouse
H&M Macy
JC Penny

 3) Ebooks, DVDs and Music- these are also popular online purchases.

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